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Episode 31

Published on:

2nd Nov, 2023

Episode 30

Published on:

26th Oct, 2023

Episode 28

Published on:

12th Oct, 2023

Episode 27

Published on:

28th Sep, 2023

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People Soup
Unlocking Workplace Potential with Expert Insights from Contextual Behavioural Science
More than ever the world of work is a heady mix of people, behaviour, events and challenges. When the blend is right it can be first-rate. Behavioural science & psychology has a lot to offer in terms of recipes, ingredients, seasoning, spices & utensils - welcome to People Soup.

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Ross McIntosh

I'm a work psychologist. I want to help you navigate the daily challenges of work by sharing behavioural science in a way that's accessible, useful and fun.
I'm originally from Northumberland in the UK and I now live near Seville in Spain with my husband.